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Austrian Airlines: The World Is At Your Doorstep!
21.07.2014 13:53

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Based in Vienna this is the flag carrier of the nation of Austria, this airline takes pride in its half a century old experience and one of a kind service in the airline industry. Rated as a five star airline this carrier operates hundreds of flights everyday to cities across the globe and the UAE.


The airlines fantastic service and impeccable safety standards have earned them a millions of loyal frequent fliers all over the world. Austrian Airlines is a member the largest airline alliance, an elite group of airline association. This airline is famous for its dedication towards providing a premium quality service to all its passengers and being the best airliner is the world.


The wide network is bringing the world to their passengers’ doorstep.


Understanding the heavy demand of passengers flying to the UAE the airline is operating multiple flights daily to the Emirate cities, which are attracting large number of tourists worldwide and especially from Europe.


 UAE’s unique way of life has caught the attention of many, and people around the world are making the UAE as their next destination for tourism and also for the unlimited business opportunities it has to offer.

Fly this airline and experience an unparallel onboard hospitality along with delicious multi-cuisine on board meal menu to choose from.  The ever smiling airhostesses are always happy to help you with any needs during the flight. So fly this airline and experience a whole new level of air travel.

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