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Benefit From Cheap Flights Booking!
19.08.2014 14:13

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If you get a chance to visit UAE you will never miss it because who doesn’t want to visit paradise at least once?  The cities of UAE have to offer you a lot. Along with many man made wonders, the country offers you its natural beauty also. These sites are surely treat for your eyes.


Almost all the airlines in the world have service to UAE. Considering the demand of the travelers, many airlines are adding extra flights to UAE. There are many cheap fights that are providing services to UAE and their tickets have high demand among the passengers.


Airlines Providing Cheap Flights Booking


There are many airlines providing special offers and discounts for online users and for their members. But they can’t be considered as cheap flights. Some of the airlines, that provide cheap flights booking are Fly Dubai Airlines, Cebu Pacific Airlines, Al Jazeera Airlines etc.


Fly Dubai Airlines is the cheapest airline in Dubai and you can apply for UAE visa online. Tickets can be booked via mobile also. The checked-in baggage allowance is 20kg and cabin baggage is 7kg. They also provide cargo facility.

Cebu Pacific Airlines also offers low fare tickets and the service provided is excellent. Passengers are allowed to carry checked-in baggage of 32 kg and hand baggage of 7kg.


Al Jazeera Airlines is another low cost airline and has service only in Middle East. 60 kg of checked-in baggage is allowed in the business class and checked-in baggage of 40kg is allowed in the economy class.


Explore UAE by booking cheap flights!


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